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The Garage

This project is one of the most complex projects we have undertaken at OVS despite looking effortless. Starting with a chaotic shell of a run down car repair garage in the basement of a very tall building, the client was looking for a space to display his extraordinary collection, along with a space to entertain, watch the racing and play with the kids. The result is one of absolute minimalist calm. Using a series of industrial materials and textures complimented by soft furnishings and clever lighting the garage becomes a car collectors heaven in London. It’s really all about the cars: with bespoke suspended light panels hiding the crazy mess of pipe work from the building above illuminating each car like a museum piece. We introduced a new exhaust extraction system for the unique classic cars and introduced high levels of complex security. The new bar, games zone and lounge are identified by changing tones on the floor finish and changes in ceiling height designating these areas as the spaces from to admire the collection. The final space exhumes effortlessness and calm, a juxtaposition to the thrill of driving the incredible machines within.

Status: Completed
Area: RBKC, London
Builders: Bohunone Ltd

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