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The Farmstead

Our clients asked us to convert and extend a portion of their narrow barn into a granny annex or guest house that would celebrate the views along with the industrial farming heritage of the barn. Due to its narrow width, a corridor was impossible so instead we returned to our ideas of home needing to fully blend experienced of both inside and outside to improve the body’s physical connection to nature and the landscape. We constructed a subtle glass and timber box extension for the living spaces with an open air pergola connecting the bedrooms to the living. Such a direct engagement with the outside is typical of country living and excellent for wellness and health, forcing our bodies to engage with the variety nature has to throw at us. Since this therefore becomes a project of threshold, we have developed and designed these to create frames and extended transitions, played with materiality contrasting contemporary and historical materials to focus the new quarters on the nature that surrounds them.

Status: In Construction
Builder: Bohunone Ltd

Area: Epping Forest

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