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Sub-Saharan Prototype School

This research exercise came about as part of thoughts on the provision of education in countries which need it the most and how architecture can help both facilitate and improve the situation. Without generalising or being overly specific on site, we chose sub-Saharan tropical Africa due to the climactic difficulties of high heats and high humidity. This design comprises of a building which considers the environmental environments of students in countries such as the Congo and Sierra Leone by self regulating the internal thermal environments in a manner which is relatively in-expensive, needs no energy through the use of thermal dynamics and convection, and needs very little maintenance. The purpose of the design is also to demonstrate that this can be achieved cost effectively without compromising on aesthetics to create a functional environment which is also pleasant to both teach and learn in. This is done by using a modular unit allowing the school to grow over time. Research shows that this would help education in rural areas attract teachers who are drawn to capital cities leaving the country side for hope of improved employment possibilities. The next stage in this project is community involvement, presenting and educating the locals in basic architectural considerations in order to get them to participate in the final design and overall use of the buildings.

Status: Competition Design
Area: Sub-Saharan Tropical African environment

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