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Kensington Mews

This project was about creating a moment of calm and serenity in the heart of Notting Hill. We were approached by our clients, CHS Invest Ltd, to refurbish a near derelict Mews House that had not been touched since its original (re)construction post WWII Bombings in the late 1950s.

The original remit was simply to add a mansard loft extension to match all the other properties within the mews. This quickly became more complex. It was key to overcome the low existing head heights to improve the feeling of volume inside the house, as well as ensuring that the traditionally dark Mews became bright with a high standard of living. The most cost-effective solution became to rebuild the whole structure from the ground up, retaining only the exterior and party walls.

Light became the focus of the house, and we found ways to steal and carry through as much light as we could from above, cutting paths through to create little moments of surprise. Our clients enjoy a soft and minimal design style, yet were open to exciting moments where we played with finishes, patterns, textures and reflections in the interior to make this a truly exciting space to live.


Status: Completed 2021
Area: Kensington
Builders: Bohunone Ltd

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