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Herringbone House

Inspired by a complimentary enjoyment of the Georgian heritage of this terraced house in Blackheath and a passion for brutalism, we conceive the project as a crisscrossing CNC cut birch plywood roof bringing in a sense of brutalist coffered roof but out of a light and soft material. Structural to the roof, the plywood acts in a similar way to exposed joists. 2 skylights are perfectly aligned with the structure to bring moments of directional natural light where it is most needed and leading the eye to the oversized pivot window connecting the sunken interior to the beautiful garden views.  This criss crossing idea continues in the brickwork at the rear, changing the bond orientation of the reclaimed bricks to create a herringbone effect, connecting the architectural languages inside and out. At the front, this side extension is clad as a timber screen, appearing almost as a timber side gate, subtly blending the extension into the context further and staying respectful of the main house.

Status: In Construction
Builder: SP4You Construction

Area: Lewisham

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