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Fish Scale House

Set in a beautiful street of Victorian terraces in Sydenham, this project aims to provide the clients which much needed space through Permitted Development and by building only what was necessary. The design creates a series of new connections through the house with small extensions at the ground floor providing an extension to the kitchen and a utility room. At the loft level and L-Shape dormer provides a new bedroom, office and bathroom.


In each space we played with a variety of tactile and atmospheric qualities. Creatively controlling light, we developed a perforated timber staircase to steal light from the loft all the way through the stairwell. A round frosted window becomes a natural light feature in the corner now blocked by the utility room and a geometric interplay of frameless windows provides moments of surprise and intrigue throughout the house.

With material and colour we highlighted the new dormer exposing the original brickwork. We also locally sourced reclaimed fish-scale tiles to add an unexpected intrigue to the loft aesthetic.


The resulting house provides our clients with continuing moments of surprise and enjoyment.


Status: Completed 
Area: Penge
Builders: -

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