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Double Trouble

Two incredible neighbours have come together to undertake joint extensions to their paired butterfly-roofed terraced houses. Enjoying a protected status in Lambeth, London, a tight guidance was applied to the design, which celebrating their construction in pairs stepping down Crystal Palace hill. The design also had to navigate the complexities of two different households with different budgets and briefs but with a common theme. The houses were dark and needed light. The proposals also needed to reflect and celebrate the paired aesthetic to look coherent with the nature of the host houses.


These extensions are paired back, simple forms, maximising glazing and minimising constructed profiles where possible to create a sense of immense volume in tight and compact spaces. On one side our clients enjoy a traditional aesthetic, prioritising specific high quality design features and elements. On the other side the clients are more experimental, enjoying a play of volume and light to create a double height space within their kitchen and little experimental features throughout the house. For these clients we also had to remaining conscious of designing for autism and living with learning difficulties. The result, in construction, are two houses that from the exterior look and feel very similar, paired in the masonry and play of volumes, lines and forms, but internally reflect the complexities and interests of each household.


Status: In Construction
Building: Bohunone Ltd

Area: Lambeth

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